We’ve Moved!!!

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2 responses to “We’ve Moved!!!

  1. Hi VARC-ers. I was reading The Misc. and was struck by the irony (or an attempt at some sort of so-called journalistic balance) that they put a meat recipe right under your article. Also, I have a vegan frozen dessert company called New Confectioner, and if you want to have vegan frozen treats at one of your meeting, I deliver. My name is J. Spica, and I’m a community broadcaster at WVKR and I sell my wares at the Vassar Summer farmers market. I have sold stuff to other student organizations for their events. I can give you a good deal and deliver right to your door. Send an email to info@newconfectioner.com go to http://www.newconfectioner.com or check out my Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/newconfectioner
    Cheers, and best wishes, J. Spica

    • Ha, yes, we did see that unfortunate occurrence. But we got two articles about veganism in the issue as well as our logo on the front page, so we think it was a success! Thanks for reaching out. We’ll definitely keep you in mind for future events.

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